Lakisha Molin


We welcome Lakisha Molin to our Board of Director as the new treasurer. Lakisha will be excellent in this role. She comes to Metro Ministries with an extensive resume in the field of finance, partnership development, operations, and recruitment. She currently works for Teach for America as the Director of Finance and Partnerships. She has also worked for the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance. 

Lakisha is very active in the United Women of Faith. She has served in many capacities with that organization.  Due to her extensive work in the church, being and having a servant’s heart, she was recently recognized by the Indianapolis Unit of Church Women United. Her volunteer work/board participation has included Flanner House, Shepherd Community Center, Gleaners Food bank of Indiana and at Brightwood Community Center. 

Lakisha is a member of University United Methodist Church here in Indianapolis. She is active there in the choir and youth activities.

Lakisha is the proud mother of 4 children and grandmother to six. 

Metro Ministries is very proud to have her on the Board of Directors and thrilled that she will bring her servant’s heart to her work on the Board of Directors.