About Metro Ministries

Our Mission

Metro Ministries, Inc. – working in conjunction with the Central District, its member congregations, lay and clergy leaders – connects resources to ministries and ministries to resources for the cause of Christ.

Metro works with churches and community organizations to:

Build relationships

Share resources

Stimulate shared learning

Our Vision

In the service of Christ, partners identify needs, relationships are developed, and new passionate initiatives are created to serve our neighbors.

Our Core Values

  • Christ-Centered
  • People-Focused
  • Community-built
  • Outreach-driven
  • Learning Organization

What We Do

Metro connects, convenes and communicates with 74 United Methodist Churches so that church members are empowered, engaged, and equipped to help meet the needs of persons in their communities throughout Central Indiana.

Through Metro's Grants programs, new initiatives are developed and existing ones are extended in the areas of:

  • Christian Leadership Development
  • Growth and Well-being of Children and Youth
  • Engaging in Ministry with Under-resourced Persons
  • Racial Equity and Justice

Who We Are

Patty Fisher

Executive Director

Sherrae Davis


Edward Santiago

Vice President

Elizabeth (Liz) Mason


Lakisha Molin


Jana Buckler

Board Member

Minister Lydia L. Davis

Board Member

Rev. Dr. Aleze Fulbright

Conference Superintendent, Central District

Rev. Michael Gant

Board Member

First Lady Racelder – Grandberry Trimble

Bishop Trimble Designee

Pastor Kristen Hanson

Board Member

Stephen Moore

Board Member

Seana Murphy

Board Member

Pastor Jeffery D. Postell

Board Member

Pastor Kimberly Tyler

Board Member

Jennifer Weber

Board Member

Andrew Griffin

Board Member

History of Metro Ministries


Founded – led by Exec Committee & Exec Secretary; charged with focusing energies and monies on local mission projects.


Auxiliary formed from UMW groups of each congregation; increased support for local missions


After formation of UMC from EUB and Methodist merger, stated purposes included securing church sites; purchases and sales of property


Net worth > $2m; church planner served as P/T director under Exec Secretary – appointed elder/clergy


F/T director appointed; Board consisted of 45 members with 16 member Exec Team


Flagship program began: supporting Community Center Food Pantries


Ecumenical in nature with focus on: short-term agency funder, urban ministry development, training academy; Development Office created


ED was hired position for first time; incoming ED had 30 years experience as admin assistant to Metro and Central District; further property purchase and sale transactions transitioned from Metro to Board of Trustees


ED announced retirement; Metro Board determined need for new perspective and enhanced focus on outreach


New ED with social work, program management and community outreach and resource background


100th Anniversary of Metro Ministries Inc! We are imagining now what our second century will look like!