Pastor Sunil Kotian

Board Member

Sunil joins Metro’s Board in 2021. His journey has taken him through many twists and turns, some of them would seem unnecessary while others very relevant to his growth. He believes his journey has been vital for his spiritual formation.

“I was born in Mumbai, India, a large metropolitan city on the western coast. My siblings and I moved about quite a bit because our parents are missionaries. They translated the New Testament into a tribal language called Korku and are currently completing a translation project in the Tulu language. We were brought up in a conservative Christian home and I was always connected to a church wherever we moved. After 20 years in the north we moved south, to Bangalore. My Dad, Rev. Noel Kotian was ordained in the South India Regional Conference in the Methodist church. I have always aspired to follow in his footsteps.

I am married, and my wife Lois worked for two years with Crossroads, Bangalore, which is connected to Younglife USA. I have 3 children, Elijah (16), Eliana (14) and Elicia (13). They live in Bangalore. I have been apart from my family for the last two years, as they were denied their visas in August 2019. I am nearing the completion of my M.Div. at Christian Theological Seminary (CTS), IN. I have completed five semesters with one more to go.

I was 17 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and Lord. I believe that Jesus died for my sins, was resurrected and will come again to take his children to heaven, and we will live with him eternally. I believe in the Trinity, God the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus is fully human and fully divine and that both natures are combined in a hypostatic union. I believe that the scriptures are given to us as a guide for our daily living. I am a firm believer that our main purpose is to glorify God, to serve others and by serving we honor God, our creator.

I am currently pursuing the elder ordination track with the Central District in the United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, I have been a member of the East 10th United Methodist Church since January 2019. I am a pastoral intern at E10th along with John Hay Jr., who is the preaching pastor. I started worshiping and helping with music at East 10th UMC in November 2018, as part of my supervised ministry requirement from CTS.

In my role as a pastor I lead the Sunday worship service and help our music minister Joe Norman. I preach every second Sunday of the month. Before COVID-19 hit, I provided pastoral care for the staff and kids at the children and youth center at E10th. I made house visits every week, visiting members of my congregation and helped out at the Sunday dinners that we hosted for people in the community. Now because of the pandemic we have gone virtual with our Sunday services. I have been able to reach our congregation through our online service.

There is so much need for the church to be relevant in society and I would like to be a part of this mission for our communities. I look forward to deeper and lasting relationships here. All this has been very rewarding, to say the least. And we know that there is always more to be accomplished.

I am passionate about preaching. I enjoy the preparation for a sermon how it is received. Throughout my teens and into my young adulthood I was part of the praise and worship band. I love singing and I play the guitar, bass and drums. I enjoy sports and the outdoors. I am passionate about soccer and played it in school and college. I like meeting people and connecting with them. I also like reading and watching movies. I like reading about various topics, ranging from philosophy to technology and politics.

I am looking forward to being on the Metro Ministries Inc. board and appreciate the work that Metro has been part of across Central Indiana.”