Old Bethel UMC

Old Bethel and Partners Food Pantry’s Egg Fund

Old Bethel and Partners Food Pantry is located at the corner of 21st and North Franklin Road on Indianapolis’ East Side. Many shoppers come from nearby apartment complexes, as well as from hotels and motels that surround the pantry. Eggs are one of the most popular items, because they can be prepared in so many ways, including on a hot plate in a hotel room. Old Bethel has partnered with the HATCH program, who sells fresh eggs to the pantry for 50 cents a dozen and delivers them once/month. Over 25,000 unduplicated individuals have been served at the pantry since October 2020. Kristen, a 54 year old single woman from the community, had been a frequent volunteer. She has since become a regular shopper as well, after agreeing to take in a friend’s two teenage daughters. Eggs are one of her favorite items from the pantry, because the girls are able to cook breakfast for themselves and have also discovered microwave small cakes that they are also able to prepare themselves using eggs.