Sherrae Davis


Sherrae joined Metro’s Board in 2018 and began serving as Board Vice President in 2021. She is a member of University UMC. In general Sherrae is interested in nonprofit work because she believes that we have a responsibility to give back, at no cost to those whom we help, and to do what we can to both lift people and to provide them the tools to lift themselves. She says:

As a child and throughout my life I have been the beneficiary of the good will of others, and I was given opportunities to show me the possibilities that existed for my life. Specifically, as a child, I will never forget attending a Christmas party hosted by the United Christmas Service where children, black and white, of economically disadvantaged families were treated to a festive meal, games, a seat on Santa’s lap, and a gift. I will never forget the feeling of pure joy. It’s a memory I will carry with me the whole of my life and it said to me that I had worth.  That’s the kind of hope that propels people. That’s the hope I want to give.

Sherrae’s heroes include her mom, grandmother, great-grandmother and great aunt. Her siblings and she lived with these wonderful women and they enveloped and protected them. They surrounded Sherrae and her six siblings with love, faith, discipline, a sense of responsibility and expectation and a love of education. In her free time, Sherrae loves  to read, draw, and take walks.