Pastor Debb Ebersole


Debb joined Metro’s Board of Directors in 2022 by stepping into the role of Secretary. Debb currently serves as the senior pastor of Charlottesville United Methodist Church in Hancock County, where she has served since July 2020.

Debb grew up in the small town of Brimfield in Northern Indiana. She and her husband Jim live in Indianapolis with their very spoiled puppy, Scruffy. Debb and Jim are the parents of four adult children and grandparents of six grandchildren. She is blessed to have all of her grandchildren living in Indiana, three in Fort Wayne and the three oldest in Indianapolis.

After staying at home while her children were young, Debb pursued multiple degrees, including earning her Masters of Organizational Management from University of Phoenix, with a focus on non-profit organizations. She is now feeding her continued hunger for knowledge by going through the Course of Study, which has enabled her to serve as a pastor. Prior to her appointment, Debb served for many years at Irvington UMC, first as director of the childcare program and later as the youth director.

Since serving in Charlottesville, God has shown Debb that she truly loves working with all the blessings and the challenges that all of His children experience at any and all ages. She says “It comes down to one basic thing, I love to help people explore who they are within the body of Christ and enhance their relationship with God.”