First Lady Racelder – Grandberry Trimble

Bishop Trimble Designee

First Lady Racelder Grandberry-Trimble joined Metro’s Board of Directors in January 2020. She brings with her this personal statement: “I will serve God and humanity where I can be a positive influence on as many lives as possible.” Her life is devoted to advocating for the health and wellness of women, children and the family. For the past thirty plus years she has been leading and encouraging folks in the church and in our communities with an emphasis on peace and love, always.

She is an alum of Illinois State University’s School of Business and Administration and the Methodist Theological School of Ohio with a Master of Arts in Counseling and has been a member of the American Counseling Association since 2006. She continued her graduate studies as a Doctor of Ministry candidate at Saint Paul School of Theology, focused in the area of Global Health and Wellness. She developed © Head & Heart Counseling and Ministries, Inc. to coalesce her efforts and interest to encourage and strengthen the community and nurture the lives of women and families through counseling and community wellness outreach.

The First Lady brings her life experiences as an educator, life coach, entrepreneur, grant writer, lay minister, community outreach worker and ecumenical community project director to Metro Ministries, Inc.’s Board of Directors. We welcome her passion, knowledge, experience and perspective to help guide our work in the Central District.